Executive Team

PierceCare is a non-for-profit provider of elder care services and the only continuing care retirement community in Northeast Connecticut. We are guided by the vision and dedication of our leadership team.

Our Administrator is licensed by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health and all of our nursing staff meets the federal and state minimum qualifications for training and supervision. All supporting staff are trained in their respective responsibilities, and attend and receive ongoing continuing education credits and in-service training.

Staff Directory

Patty Morse
President and Chief Executive Officer

Linda Silvia
Executive Director, Creamery Brook Village

Dave Bamber
Director of Marketing, Creamery Brook Village

Jill Livingston
Director of Admissions, Pierce Memorial Baptist & Rehabilation Center

Gail Beausoleil, RN
Supervisor of Assisted Living Services Agency, Creamery Brook Village

Kristyn Surprenant
Social Services, Pierce Memorial Baptist Nursing a& Rehabilation Center